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  • IE Settings
  • Policies
  • Optimization Tweaks
  • Security Tweaks
  • Other Win7 Appearance Options
  • Icon Customization
  • User Accounts CP
  • "Specific" Tweaks
  • Main Window

Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

WinBubble lets you tweak various settings of your Windows 7 or Vista system with ease, giving you more control over even the smallest details of your computer.

WinBubble lets you tweak and optimize your computer by letting you access and change those advanced settings that are usually hidden to the casual users.
Though it includes a very large number of tweaks and features, it manages to offer a rather neat and simple interface. It organizes them in categories, making it easier for you to find the tweaks you need. Some of them come with sufficient explanations while other could use some additional guidelines. My recommendation is that novice users should avoid changing settings if they don’t know precisely what the effect of changing those settings is, otherwise they risk unwillingly performing system modifications that may hinder their usual ways of using their computers.

Of the numerous tweaks and settings that it supports, the most remarkable were, for me, the ones that let you customize the entries of the Windows Explorer’s context menu (the right click menu) and the security ones that let you hide drives or disable entire Windows features such as the access to the Control Panel. I also like that it offers an easy manner of changing the system icons such as the drive icons or the folder ones. Optimizing and customizing the Internet Explorer is also possible. Anyway, these are just a few examples of the many customizations and tweaks that WinBubble can perform.

Furthermore, although it’s very powerful and feature-rich, this handy system optimization and tweaking tool is also completely free. Its only significant downside is the lack of a proper “Help” system that would guide the users around and thoroughly explain every little feature and function.


  • Offers a lot of features and tweaks.
  • Neat and clear interface.
  • Free.


  • Lacks proper "Help" documentation.
  • Its interface can not be resized.

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